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In this case, I will say what is true. The Defendant has chosen to place lies and defamation in this court) I want the Court to know that I am currently a full time student of law and I do not have enough time to be able to answer each and every will answer what is truthful in this Complaint, and it is now for the Court's discretion whether/to whom I want to answer it. I understand that if I chose the Defendant or the Plaintive and do not answer any of the allegations made in this case, that the Court may rule that I was not competent to respond to the allegations made in the Case. You may go ahead and ask the Court to issue a written opinion if they deem it appropriate. There is a great deal of information in this you probably know, my ex-wife recently filed a Motion to set a trial and get an early verdict in the divorce think I may file my First Defendant in this case in that case may question me further in that matter. It is my understanding that since I am a student that I will be answering each and every question in the court of this hope this is helpful to you. Please make a note of what you ask me and when. The Defendant is still allowed to call and question me as often as they please in this matter. It is my opinion that this is a case that will end very may try to use me as a witness before trial in that I would appreciate it if you could read through me and provide any further guidance. I do not believe the Plaintiff will succeed in this case. Thank you in. (In your response, you may leave off any of the allegations made in your answer. Just write in your own wording about the issues in the dispute. This is not legal advice. It is only your opinion.) Davie H. Davie H. John H. John H. My ex-wife's attorney wrote to me and asked me an interesting question-the date of an event I had not written down. He believed she had not given me a child paternity declaration when I was her had not. So, why was this information left out of her answer above to my question about a case not being ready for trial in the divorce? That question is answered here in the answer to my previous question.
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All rise maybe seated hey we are here today forth default community matter CI one five one two three Smith v Johnson let the record reflect that plaintiff is present with her attorneys miss Boston Miss Brown miss Calvert×39’s this brown is Calvert our senior certified law students the defendant is also president and is representing himself in thismattercounsel you may proceedYour Honor destiny Brown on behalf of plaintiff Sarah Smith we are here today to ask the court to enter an order for paternity child custody and child support which incorporates the parenting plan as stipulated to by the parties Have your proposed order may I approach you mayor. Johnson do you have any opening remarks Noel Khorana you may call your first witness with the court×39;permission I'd like to call Sarah Smith to testify this myth please come to the witness stand please raise your right hand and swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth maybe please state your full name and spell it for the record please set your current address — are you plaintiff inn this action game what is your relationship to Sophia Johnson whenSophia'’s birth month seethed defendant Robert Johnson is Sofia×39;biological father right yes yes Mr. Johnson acknowledged paternity of Sophia yes in front of you dares to exhibit that husband there's Becca divested marked as Exhibit one what is Exhibit one it is knowledge of a total of eternity has this document that signed by you yes has this document beside by anyoneelseyes Robert Johnson do you recognize his signature yes and how do you know that that is Mr. Johnson signature well it's going to require some time were you and Mr. Johnson ever married no clue Sophia lidless now she was with mean how long has she lived with you since she was born has she lived with anyone else knowing them in front of you there is a document which has been marked as Exhibit 2 do you see exhibit — yes what is exhibit -is this a parenting plan agreement that has been signed as stipulated to by bother. Johnson and yourself yes then approach your honor may at this time plaintiff would like to offer exhibits one and two into evidence Mr. Johnson do you have any objections the court receiving exhibits 1 & 2 now your exhibits 1 camp; 2 are received this is parenting plan which has been received by the court as Exhibit 2 providing with sole legal and physical custody of Sophia yes do you believe the parenting plan agreement is in the best interest of Sofia yes Jubilee you are a fit parent yes are you able to provide a safe home for Sophia yes does a proposed parenting plan recognize Sophia's need for a continuing relationship with each parent yes does a proposed parenting plan provide parenting time for Mr. Johnson yes according to the parenting plan agreement what do you at Mr. Johnson proposed for a visitation schedule going forward every other weekend from Friday through Sunday one evening per week what about holidays the agreement states that we...
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